From Sentai Filmworks. The unfortunate answer goes by the name of Sakamachi Kinjiro, and he's got the worst case of gynophobia ever! Just one touch from a member of the fairer sex makes his nose bleed like a never-ending chocolate fountain. But his troubles don't totally redline until a wrong turn in the men's room reveals that Subaru, the butler, should be in the ladies' room instead.  As if that weren't enough, Kinjiro's problems also include a haunted martial artist, a cat-eared fetishist, and his own sister, who's interest in "wrestling" a certain incorrectly packaged butler may result in an unexpected ending! The blood will flow, the punchlines will be below the belt, and the butler will be cross-dressed to kill!
Item Code: JUL142648
In Shops: 8/20/2014
SRP: $69.98