From Funimation! Brace yourself for a barrage of hot lead and short-shorts in the gun-blazing follow up to the critically-acclaimed Black Lagoon! The cutthroat crew of Black Lagoon faces their stiffest challenge yet when a Venezuelan assassination sparks a killing spree that spans the globe. Roberta was a reformed assassin until a clandestine clash between politically backed acronyms claimed the life of her master. In the flash of a muzzle, she goes from maid to murderer on a pill-popping, crimson-stained quest for vengeance! When Revy and the gang are hired to stop Roberta's killing spree, they quickly find themselves in the middle of an international shootout starring everyone from the KGB to the CIA. The bullets are flying, the bodies are piling up in the street, and Roberta's painting the town red - with blood. Combo Pack includes both Blu-Ray and standard DVD formats.
Item Code: JUL132327
In Shops: 8/28/2013
SRP: $39.98