Publisher: JINX INC
Rammus got tired of poking his friends whenever he tried to hug them, so we built a set of soft armor for him. He wore it on Summoner's Rift and promptly got crushed. He said, "Not OK." So we bailed on the soft armor and decided to make a plush doll, instead. It's so cute and cuddly that it will Taunt you into hugging it over and over again. Rammus got a hold of his own doll and promptly Defensive Ball Curled-up with it on the rug. Rammus is a tender little guy, and now you can cuddle up with him just the way he wants you to.  This plush is huge, towering over your desk toys at 16" tall. Did we mention he plays sound when you squeeze his arm? Your favorite Rammus Quotes are only a touch away!
Item Code: JUL131901
In Shops: 9/11/2013