From SAGE Collectibles. This extremely limited series starring the very first cards of the 2014 draftees contains: an average of 9 Autographs in every box; one insert in each pack; randomly inserted Printer's Plate (1/1) and Autographed Printer's Plate (1/1) cards; and no redemptions! Look for Write Stuff Autographed Cards (numbered to 25), additional Rare Autographed Cards (numbered to 250 and 100), Base Cards numbered from 76-150 to complete the Hit 2014 Football Base Series, and the PhotObama Contest - find the 44 photobombs by US Presidents on the 150 Low &High Series Base Cards and win an autographed sheet of the 2014 rookies! 5 cards per pack. 27 cards per box. Scheduled to ship 03/26/14. (5377)
Item Code: JAN148045
In Shops: 4/16/2014
SRP: $3.99