Publisher: DKE INC
From Executive Replicas and Phicen. Executive Replicas and Phicen are proud to present the first ever 1:6-scale figure of this sultry masked heroine known as The Domino Lady. Created by "Lars Anderson", The Domino Lady is a masked pulp heroine first appearing in a 1936 issue of Saucy Romantic Adventures. The Domino Lady is really University of California, Berkeley-educated socialite Ellen Patrick. When her father, District Attorney Owen Patrick, is murdered she puts on a domino mask to avenge him. Armed with .45 pistols, a syringe full of "knock-out" serum, and her beauty, the Domino Lady charms, outwits, and allures her adversaries.
Item Code: FEB142154
In Shops: 6/11/2014
SRP: $150.00