Publisher: BIG FINISH
(W) Nicholas Briggs
A new adventure in time and space for the Fourth Doctor and Leela (starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson), with Michael Keating, and Geoffrey Beevers as The Master! The TARDIS lands in the cargo hold of luxury space cruiser the Moray Rose. The crew and passengers are missing. The agents of Inter-Galaxy Insurance are determined to find out what's happened and the shadowy Interplanetary Police Inspector Efendi is showing a very particular interest. Caught up in all this, the Doctor and Leela find themselves facing a horde of metal mantis-like aliens. But throughout it all, Leela is haunted by terrible nightmares and the dawning realization that everything she knows about her life is a lie! An all-new audio drama performed by a full cast with specially composed music and cinematic sound design.
Item Code: FEB141610
In Shops: 6/18/2014
SRP: $18.99