(W) Christopher Golden, Mike Mignola (A/CA) Mike Mignola
An illustrated novel from the acclaimed creator of Hellboy - with over 100 illustrations! Fifty years have passed since Lower Manhattan was submerged under more than thirty feet of water, so that its residents began to call it the "Drowning City." Among them are 14-year-old Molly McHugh and her friend Felix Orlov. Once Orlov was a celebrated stage magician, but now he is an old man; a psychic medium. When a séance goes horribly wrong, Felix Orlov is abducted and Molly finds herself on the run. Her flight leads her into the company of Simon Hodge, a Victorian detective, and his stalwart sidekick, Joe Golem, whose own past and true identity is a mystery to him. Still available in hardcover!
Item Code: FEB131275
In Shops: 4/17/2013
SRP: $17.99