Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
(W) Joe Harris (A/CA) Piotr Kowalski
WHY WE LOVE IT: With the release of RoboCop, a re-of the all-classic,
fans of the new and old will be immersed in the action, oppression and humanity that is
RoboCop. We cannot wait to be first in line for this new motion picture event!

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Four anthology-one-exploring the world of the new
film, brought to you by some of the freshest voices in the industry -Joe Harris (GREAT
PACIFIC), Frank Barbiere (FIVE GHOSTS), Ed Brisson (SHELTERED), and Michael Moreci

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: RoboCop is too good at his job. While the people love him, his
ability to find and remove corruption puts fear into the corporate heads and government
With OCP at the wheel, they will do their best to steer him away from the powerful corrupt
leaders, and keep him on the lower-criminals. But some crimes cannot go unpunished.
Item Code: DEC130974
In Shops: 2/12/2014
SRP: $3.99