Publisher: Cosmic Times

In the flashy and exciting world of the future, giant robots, manned by human pilots, are the only defense humanity has against alien forces. These robot pilots are heroes to the public, celebrities rivaling movie stars and professional sports players, but not everyone is cut to sit in the pilot’s chair.

Erica dreamed of becoming a robot pilot, saving the world just like the pilots she idolized growing up. Unfortunately, not everyone in the pilot program is selected and Erica suddenly found herself looking for a different career path. That’s when Erica decided, the next best thing to piloting a robot would be riding in one as the maintenance crew who kept them running. It’s far from floor moping and bolt tightening in Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew because, if a leaking reactor doesn’t kill Erica, the ferocious, human-sized space parasites probably will.

Pacific Rim meets The Office as G.R.W.M.C. brings sci-fi humor and a blue-collar mentality to the romantic notion of space travel and the dirty jobs that make it all possible.

~ Jay Spence

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