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The Bomb Explodes As The First Comic Trailer For Trailer Tuesday

Steve Mannion’s amazing artwork is a beautiful homage to classic comics of yesteryear, and it brings to mind the timeless styles of artists that include Wally Wood, Will Elder, and Robert Crumb. Page layouts vary in style as well, bringing back memories of old Archie Comics, to stuff you see as recently as Eric Powell’s The Goon!



The Bomb is a four issue mini-series that was originally published through Atom Bomb Comics. This trade paperback collects issues #1-4 of Steve Mannion's The Bomb mini-series as well as the special beach bound pin-up issue. The book is 176 total pages; 160 black and white pages with a 16-page color section. The book has been described as Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Mad Magazine with a dash of Stan Lee thrown in for good measure! Steve Mannion's signature brush style, colorful characters and witty gag-writing have already netted the artist a solid underground following as well as foreign and domestic licensing deals.

This huge compilation features Steve Mannion at his unfiltered best spinning yarns of his favorite creations: Fearless Dawn, Sea Goin' Lil, Brownhole Jones, Helga Von Krause and Jungle Chick and the Dinosaur.

Publisher:Asylum Press
Format/Price: SC, b&w  $14.95
Item Code: JUN083688

Check out the trailer we have for you of this hot trade paperback that's ready to be ordered at your local comic shop!

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