(W) Katie Cook (A/CA) Andy Price
From IDW Publishing. It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve, and the Apple family is busy at work preparing an array of tasty apple treats for all of Ponyville. But when a mysterious creature starts ruining their crop, Applejack sets out to find out who's behind this tomfoolery! Who, or what, is the Sass Squash?? The Comicfolio is a new way to collect and treasure your favorite titles. This package contains a special edition, variant cover edition of My Little Pony: Applejack and a special collector's lithograph protected in a hand-built hardcover portfolio that's been die-cut and finished with a sparkle glitter treatment. Scheduled to ship 12/04/13. (4793)
Item Code: SEP138300
In Shops: 2/12/2014