(W) Chris Metzen, Flint Dille (A/CA) Livio Ramondelli
From IDW Publishing. Megatron's descent! In the early days of the war on Cybertron, Optimus Prime puts everything on the line to unify the planet-but not everyone agrees that this new Prime should be in charge! Meanwhile, the fallen Decepticon leader, Megatron, begins a journey that will change everything. Plus-what is the terrible secret of the Dinobots? This gorgeous Comicfolio edition includes: an exclusive variant cover of Transformers: Monstrosity #1, a special collector's lithograph, and a die-cut hardcover portfolio hand-built for this special release! Scheduled to ship 09/11/13. (4793)
Item Code: JUN138343
In Shops: 10/9/2013