(W) Max Brooks (A/CA) Raulo Caceres
From Avatar Press. Max Brooks' exciting new series is redefinig the zombies vs vampires genre and legions of his fans are invading comic shops looking for copies of Extinction Parade. The Platinum Leather chase covers are one of the most sought after collectible comics fetching sums over $100 easily at shops and online. Avatar is offering this exclusive pack as the only way to guarantee getting one of the prized platinum leather editions. The pack includes 15 copies of each standard Extinction Parade #2 issue - regular, wrap, and the end of species editions (46 comics) plus the super limited platinum leather #2 for less than the aftermarket price of the platinum leather edition alone. Limited to 100 packs.  Allocations likely. Scheduled in stores 08/28/13. (9341)  
Item Code: JUN138076
In Shops: 9/4/2013