From WizKids/NECA. Heroes beware! Evil strikes back with deadly power in this exciting Encounter Pack! An Evil Cleric commands three Zombies, while a Succubus and Scarlet Gargoyle torment adventurers with their own brand of villainy! Champions of Evil was designed specifically to work with "Dawn of the Scarlet Sun," the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure slated for Free RPG Day 2012 (June 16 at participating hobby retailers), but works with any Pathfinder RPG campaign. Featuring six miniatures with all-new (alternate) paint schemes, this encounter pack is ideal for Game Masters who want an easy random encounter for their heroes, or collectors and players who want to jumpstart their Zombie collections! The Champions of Evil Encounter Pack is a fixed product intended to supplement the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game line. Scheduled to ship 04/11/12. (6338)
Item Code: DEC118238
In Shops: 3/28/2012