From Konami Digital Entertainment. Samurai Assault gives you the opportunity to start building your very own Six Samurai Deck. The Six Samurai are one of the most powerful decks in years, and the booster packs that introduced them are available again for a limited time in Samurai Assault. Players can combine the Samurai cards they get from Samurai Assault with more Six Samurai cards available in Extreme Victory booster packs and in the Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega-Packs. Each box of Samurai Assault will contain 1 pack of Strike of Neos, 1 pack of Crimson Crisis, 1 Pack of Storm of Ragnarok, and 1 Super Rare Elder of the Six Samurai. Scheduled to ship 12/07/2011. (1184)
Item Code: JUL118258
In Shops: 12/7/2011
SRP: $9.99