Engage in daring dragon-to-dragon aerial combat with the Attack Wing Dungeons & Dragons miniatures game! WizKids Games is pleases to bring the heroes, villains, and monsters of D&D to life in this latest fantasy miniatures game. Utilizing the FlightPath Maneuver System, command the most fearsome of fantasy monsters, dragons, and engage your foes in aerieal combat. Customize your forces with magical upgrades! The Starter Set includes three pre-painted dragons, maneuver dials, and numerous upgrade cards and tokens. Then, expand your abilities with expansion packs, including the Dwarven Ballista, Frost Giant, Green Dragon, Hobgoblin Troop, Sun Elf Guard Troop, Sun Elf Wizard, and Wraith expansions, each with comes with pre-painted miniatures, upgrade cards, and tokens.
Item Code: AUG142835
In Shops: 11/5/2014
SRP: $24.99