Dice Masters is a global hit, using the proprietary Dice Building Game platform. DC Comics Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash takes epic dice battles to new heights! The time has come to take... >>
Item Code: JUN163094
In Shops: 8/3/2016
SRP: $89.10
Will Sarah manage to defeat Jareth and his Labyrinth, or will the Goblin King turn little Toby into a goblin babe? You have thirteen hours to find out! Play with up to four friends in this fun fami... >>
Publisher: RIVER HORSE
Item Code: JUN163091
In Shops: 9/28/2016
SRP: $50.00
Mangaka is a hilarious, creative card game where you and your friends play comic artists competing for fame over four rounds of frantic drawing! Cleverness, silliness, quick wit, and storytelling m... >>
Item Code: JUN163083
In Shops: 8/31/2016
SRP: $40.00