Publisher: MARMIT
From Marmit/MEDICOM Toy. Godzilla: Vinyl Wars is a collaboration between Japan's classic sofubi manufacturers and cutting-edge toy maker MEDICOM Toy.  Each release in GVW is a reproduction of a classic Toho sofubi from the '60s through today, released legitimately for Western collectors for the first time ever.  These hand-crafted, hand-painted figures inspired the designer toy movement, and will hold a place of high honor in your collection!
2002 saw the initial release by Marmit of their Monster Heaven 1964 Godzilla sofubi.  Since then, Marmit has released more than 20 variants, few pieces of which have made their way Stateside.  Now Marmit reissues this classic look for North American audiences in a new greenish-grey colorway, with the edition size not to exceed to 200 pieces!
Item Code: MAY148160
In Shops: 1/28/2015
SRP: $65.00