Klingon oral history holds that the first bat'leth was forged circa 625 CE by Kahless, who dropped a lock of his hair into the lava from the Kri'stak Volcano, then plunged that fiery lock into the lake of Lursor and twisted it to form a blade. After forging that weapon, he used it to defeat Molor and, in so doing, united Qo'noS. The name bat'leth itself means "Sword of Honor" in the Klingon tongue. Constructed of high-grade aircraft aluminium and featuring a genuine split-leather grip, this 1/1-scale prop replica measures 43" long, is 1/4" thick, and weighs an impressive 4 pounds. This is truly a substantial display piece and comes with a cold-cast resin display stand and Certificate of Authenticity.
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