(A) Kano & Various
From Kidrobot. Kidrobot has unearthed a long-lost chapter from Sun Tzu's military classic! Fourteen artists each tackle an aspect of warfare in the latest, martial-themed Dunny series. Featuring a spectrum of WMD thru the ages, learn from designer toy generals: Colus, Devious, Frank Kozik, ilovedust, Igor Ventura, Kano, Luihz Unreal, Huck Gee, DrilOne, Sergio Mancini, Patricio Oliver, JPK, Sam Fout and Shok1.  Treatise topics include The Calculations, Illusion & Reality, and Vinyl Attack. Acquire and internalize each lesson unit, for it has been said, "If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without jeopardy."
Item Code: JUL142078
In Shops: 8/27/2014
SRP: $9.99