Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
(W/A) Jake Lawrence (CA) Jen Lee
WHY WE LOVE IT: TEEN DOG is John Hughes meets '90s Nickelodeon cartoons, two of
our absolute favorite things. It's a totally awesome adventure that stars the canine that
spun out of Jake Lawrence's web comic Time Cowboy and kickflipped
his way into our
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: How was your high school experience? TEEN DOG is high
school if it didn't totally blow, and instead totally ruled the most. Teen angst and
whimsical adventures collide in this new series reminiscent of Doug, Saved By the Bell,
and Kim Possible.
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Skateboards, football games, prom...your teenage years have got
nothin' on the raddest dude that's ever graced a denim vest. Written and illustrated by
Jake Lawrence (Time Cowboy), join Teen Dog and his best friend Mariella as they tackle
typical teen life with a manic twist. Growing up is an adventure, and you might as well rock
Item Code: JUL140990
In Shops: 9/10/2014