(W) Ian Flynn (A) John Workman & Various (CA) Vincent Lovallo
"Countdown to Chaos" Part Two: The long-awaited debut of the NEW Freedom Fighters CONTINUES! The mysteries deepen as Sonic and Tails find their long lost pal Antoine! But what is the state of our formerly fallen fellow freedom fighter? What has Uncle Chuck's research uncovered about the nature of the dark power they've found seeping from the earth? And an unlikely return of a character you won't expect alongside Uncle Chuck! PLUS-Eggman versus G.U.N.! The prize: Eggman's life! The action rolls on, featuring new cover art from Sonic art superstar Ben Bates, which connects with the other "Countdown to Chaos" covers to form one giant image of awesomeness!
Item Code: AUG131004
In Shops: 10/30/2013
SRP: $2.99