(W) Richard C. White, Joni M. White (A) Reggie Golden & Various (CA) Richard Dominquez
Leaky faucet? Call a plumber. For real problems, call Troubleshooters, Incorporated, the world's first supernatural superhero team-for-hire! For the right price, Silver Oak (a wizard), Night Stalker (a werewolf), Yolanda (a sorceress), Shadowmist (a female ninja), and Lightshow (a hi-tech-armored roadie) are ready to take your case. Edward Vanderland III is exactly the kind of client TSI is looking for as their first assignment: a millionaire threatened by evil spirits, he's offering $50,000 for protection. Sounds like a simple enough job for a band of fledgling heroes. Maybe too simple. As it turns out, Vanderland's enemies - perhaps even Vanderland himself - are a lot more dangerous than the Troubleshooters were expecting. Why, if matters get any worse, they might just have to adjust their billing...
Item Code: NOV131233
In Shops: 1/8/2014
SRP: $11.95