Publisher: TITAN BOOKS
(W) Michael Jan Friedman (A) Pablo Marcos
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" kicked off a whole new era of Starfleet exploration and adventure. Now the crew of the Enterprise-D continue their mission in these great comics collections! In "Maelstrom", an interplanetary peace-treaty is threatened when Chief O'Brien falls under the control of a devious telepath; Riker and La Forge are taken captive by a dangerous gang of Ferengi profiteers; and the Enterprise investigates a vortex that launches them into the neutral zone - and the line of fire of two Romulan Warbirds! Featuring rare interviews with LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) and Michael Dorn (Lt Worf), these adventures are essential reading for any "Star Trek" fan!
Item Code: FEB138509
In Shops: 8/21/2013
SRP: $14.95