From McFarlane Toys. McFarlane Toys is excited to announce The Walking Dead Comic Series 3 action figures from the best-selling Image comic book. This new collectible series brings The Walking Dead comic fans more of their beloved zombie-dispatching characters, along with a kickass zombie! Rick Grimes comes with a bandaged stump on his right arm; long, unkempt hair and beard; a ragged T-shirt with jeans; a hatchet; a revolver; a shotgun; and a rifle. Andrea features this skilled marksman in her prison aftermath attire of a tank top, torn jeans, and gloves with her signature scoped rifle, plus a pistol and a knife. Punk Zombie features classic punk details like a spiked collar and cuffs, studded belt with anarchy buckle, ripped jeans, and combat boots, plus a guitar accessory. Dwight features the scarred savior in his sleeveless shirt and vest, complete with bandages and burned face, as well as his crossbow and a hook to attach it to his belt. Scheduled to ship 06/25/14. (8348)
Item Code: NOV138220
In Shops: 8/27/2014