(W) Simon Furman & Various (A) Mark D. Bright & Various (CA) E. J. Su
Collecting seventeen issues of Transformers comics from IDW Publishing in suggested reading order, this run is sure to redefine your experience with the Robots in Disguise. Volume 1 collects Megatron Origin #1-#4, Spotlight: Blurr, Spotlight: Cliffjumper, Spotlight: Shockwave, Spotlight: Nightbeat, Spotlight: Hot Rod, Spotlight: Soundwave, and Infiltration #0-#6. This special edition is limited to 275 hand-numbered copies, never to be reprinted, with a custom-designed hand-built slipcase and cover by EJ Su. Includes a mounted signature page signed by six Transformers creators including Coller, Furman, Matere, McCarthy, Milne and Su. Cover and case are printed in a silver metallic ink that jumps off the page. From signature pages to endpages, this IDW Limited edition has been rebuilt from the ground up.
Item Code: JAN138186
In Shops: 4/24/2013