Publisher: KAIYODO
(A) Nightow Yasuhiro
From Kaiyodo! Assembleborg-Nexus is an action figure series created by Toytribe, which is led by Yasuhiro Nightow (manga artist of Trigun). All characters in the line are originally designed for this series. All the body parts are connected by a Revolver Joint, which has unified shafts of 3 mm in diameter, which allows you to assemble all the parts freely and create your own original characters. In the world of Assembleborg-Nexus, Armoroid AMR-7000NL fights with Nexus against enemies. Sometimes he helps Nexus as a fighter robot, and other times he transforms himself to weapons, vehicles and anything for Nexus. You can change it to anything by interchanging the body parts. The figure stands 6" tall.
Item Code: JUL138418
In Shops: 2/5/2014
SRP: $38.00