Publisher: KOTO INC.
A KOTOBUKIYA JAPANESE IMPORT! The HAW206 resembles a mechanical Scorpion, and has the blunt, front 'head' of the early Think Tanks from Dominian Tank Police and the GIS manga. It is the focus of the second SAC episode and is seen at the end of 2nd GIG, wielded by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Army in olive drab. The HAW206 features a short tank gun in its 'tail' and a pair of manipulator arms with Gatling guns. Its main gun ejects spent cases somewhat like a firearm rather than a tank.
Kotobukiya presents a new Ghost in the Shell plastic model kit: make way for the HAW 206. Standing over 23 cm (9 in) at its tallest point, the Haw 206 is an impressive war machine. Consisting of 300 parts, the HAW 206 features multiple points of articulation allowing for custom posing. Features include multiple interchangeable parts to change up your display Display alone or alongside other Ghost in the Shell plastic model kits from Kotobukiya.
Item Code: AUG132162
In Shops: 12/18/2013
SRP: $69.99