From Hasbro. The most vast and mighty Autobot ever created, Metroplex is a member of a race long thought of as nothing more than legend. He is impossibly ancient, brought online in a time before the long memory of his Autobot comrades even began. He is a living artifact of an era when Cybertron was united and needed defenders only against hostile outsiders. It is his memory of that peaceful past that drives him to fight for the Autobots. It is hope for the return of peace that motivates him to crush every Deception he can see beneath his mighty feet. Get the biggest Autobot ever with this enormous Metroplex figure. This 3-in-1 warrior is over 2' tall and he's a whole city of Transformers action. He converts from a robot to vehicle mode, but he also converts to city mode with an arsenal waiting to deploy. Take aim with his missile launcher and fire it with the press of a button. His lights and sounds take the battle to a whole new level. Your Scamper figure has got his back and he converts from robot mode to vehicle mode and back. Have a citywide battle with this enormous Metroplex figure and his Scamper ally.
Item Code: MAY138222
In Shops: 7/24/2013
SRP: $159.99