(W) Carl Potts (A) Carl Potts, Various (CA) Jim Lee
The DC Comics how-to-draw series will give the aspiring creator all the tools they need to create the comic books and graphic novels of their dreams using the techniques used by the publisher's top talents! The comprehensive DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics from Carl Potts goes goes beyond the typical art and writing lessons to show readers how to take full advantage of comics' sequential visual storytelling possibilities. Legendary writer Denny O'Neil shares decades of experience in the DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics. Klaus Janson shares his insight in both penciling and inking comics at the art boards in two volumes, the DC Comics Guide to Penciling Comics and the DC Comics Guide to Inking Comics, while Freddie E. Williams II guides readers in the latest digital art techniques in the DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics. Finally, Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein round out the creation of comic books in the DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics. Taken together, these books provide the firm grounding every artist needs to be published today!
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In Shops: 10/16/2013
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