From Anime Works! It's been almost two decades since the fall of Nobunaga at the hands of Samanosuke, and the fallen ruler's own vassal Hideyoshi Toyotomi has finally united Japan under the banner of peace... that is, until one fateful June evening when a strange glowing planet appears in sky. From that moment on, Hideyoshi becomes a power-mad dictator and earthquakes and volcanoes begin destroying the land. Soon after, the evil Genma begin to reappear and disorder spreads across the country. But just when all seems lost for Japan, a powerful and mysterious warrior arrives to stop the devastation. He is Soki, Oni of the Ash - otherwise known as "The Blue Demon". Watch as Soki battles for peace once again in Japan in this latest installment of the widely popular game Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams!
Item Code: JUL132348
In Shops: 9/25/2013
SRP: $19.98