From Blue Underground! Five totally depraved "Women-in-Prison" movies from the grindhouse era, for the price of one! Featuring Amazon Jail: Pursue some of Brazil's sexiest starlets through scene after scene of primal passion and sadistic violence, culminating in an all-out orgy deep in the deadly Green Inferno; Bare Behind Bars: In a women's penitentiary where brutal beatings, steamy showers, and cavity searches are the order of the day, the cons are turning into pros... and the cemetery is running out of room! Sodomania: Blue Underground has unearthed pristine elements from various international sources to create this Definitive Uncut Edition, fully restoring all of its vicious violence and long-rumored scenes of horrific depravity; Women Behind Bars: A depraved delicacy destined to delight connoisseurs of crime and perverted punishment. Uncut and uncensored - a must-see entry in the Women-in-Prison genre!
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In Shops: 7/31/2013
SRP: $29.98