Publisher: REBELLION / 2000AD
More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! Dredd takes a giant leap for justice in "Downside" by T.C. Eglington and Boo Cook; former Chief Judge Dan Francisco battles against the Dune Sharks in the finale to "The Streets of Dan Francisco" by Arthur Wyatt and Paul Marshall; war explodes in deep-space drama Insurrection III"" by Dan Abnett and Colin MacNeil; and the world is never the same again in surreal superhero saga "Ordinary" by Rob Williams and D'Israeli. In the bagged graphic novel this month, Rohan Bhandara is about to become the legendary Indian warrior Black Siddha in "Bad Karma" by Pat Mills and Simon Davis!
Item Code: JUN131252
In Shops: 9/25/2013
SRP: $12.25