Publisher: YAMATO USA INC.
Imported from Japan! The third release in Yamato's new action figure series Neuromancer, a collaboration with Cerberus Project, brings collectors Yoko from a very popular anime, Gurren Lagann. Yoko stands roughly 8 5/8" tall (1/8 to 1/7-scale, approximately). The goal was to achieve the same kind of modeling and painting quality that non-articulated  PVC statues possess, while keeping the playful nature of traditional action figures, creating a "hybrid" figure that offers  the benefit of PVC figure and action figure in one! Yoko comes with optional faces (Smiley and Offended Faces), optional eyes (straight forward eyes, eyes looking towards left, and eyes looking towards right), her Assult Rifle, a pair of goggles, optional hands, and magnetic display stand.
Item Code: OCT121736
In Shops: 2/20/2013
SRP: $149.99