PHAZER #5 #5
Publisher: RZG COMICS
(W) Mariano Nicieza (A) Ariel Olivetti & Various (CA) Tom Grindberg, Jim Steranko
Phazer is joined by Agent Three Zero through time and space on a rescue mission to retrieve him. Together they fight Krauhzz to the finish! Special appearance by Dark Phazer! More shocking flashback revelations in the early days of Project: P.H.A.Z.E.R.! Flip-book story with Blue Sultan as the search for the legendary Prime Guardian device and the nexus of the mysterious power source Alpha-Zachyon energy culminates in Egypt. Forces clash and Phazer is caught in the middle!
Item Code: JUN121261
In Shops: 10/17/2012
SRP: $3.99