Publisher: AUDIO GO
(W) Paul Magrs
Tom Baker reprises the role of the fourth Doctor in five thrilling brand new exclusive audio adventures, with Susan Jameson as Mrs. Wibbsey. Tsar Wars: In a distant galaxy, the Tsar and Tsarina rule over the Robotov Empire from the safety of their palace, while human workers tend the power plants on satellite moons. When the palace comes under attack, the Tsar suspects the Doctor of treachery. The Broken Crown: The Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey find themselves in the right place at the wrong time - 1861! Aladdin Time: Trapped underground, the Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey encounter a small boy who claims to be Aladdin, in search of a fabled lamp. The Hexford Invasion: It's been many months since the Doctor was in Hexford, and Mrs. Wibbsey keenly feels his absence. When Mike Yates turns up at Nest Cottage with a visitor in tow, Mrs. Wibbsey's life is turned even further upside down. Survivors in Space: It has been three months since the Hexford catastrophe, and Mikes Yates is trying to show strength of leadership to the villagers. But it's difficult to keep his own hopes up. Unless somebody finds them soon, the future looks bleak.
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In Shops: 5/30/2012
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