From Cryptozoic Entertainment. Designed to offer both casual and competitive players a great new way to experience the World of Warcraft, Champion Decks let players take on the role of iconic characters from Warcraft lore. Decks representing five different monstrous villains and courageous heroes are available, each complete and ready to play right out of the box. Players can select from Hogger (gnoll warrior), Murkdeep (murloc shaman), or Emberlimb (ancient druid) on the monster side, and Lady Jaina Proudmoore or Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner on the hero side. With these powerful characters leading the charge, the Champion Decks provide both new and experienced players a competitive deck for casual and tournament play at local hobby store Battleground events. Each deck consists of 60 cards, one Hero card, one Crown of the Heavens Booster Pack, five new Token cards, a quick start guide, and an official rule book. Additionally, each deck includes a bonus card reprint from World of Warcraft Trading Card Game sets Scourgewar, Wrath Gate, or Icecrown, including player favorites such as Hemet Nesingwary. Plus, players have a chance to obtain randomly inserted Loot® cards that provide cosmetic in-game items for their online World of Warcraft characters - a common Nightsaber Cub (non-combat pet), uncommon Statue Generator (instant pedestal), or rare Blazing Hippogryph (flying mount). Scheduled to ship 05/30/12. (1490)
Item Code: JAN128150
In Shops: 4/4/2012
SRP: $11.99