(A) Shawnimals
Watching cartoons, drawing pictures, and playing video games as a kid, Shawn Smith began developing Shawnimals before he realized what he was creating. After working on EGM, he wondered what to do with his countless childhood sketchbooks, Shawnimals was born, and Ninjatown is part of it! Ninjatown is built on kindness, honor, and lightning-fast Stealth Hugs - not to mention Ninja-Star shaped cookies. The Wee Ninja Plush is a super-cuddly master of the Stealth Hug. He trains all day for fun, and to thwart the too-cool-for-school advances of Mr. Demon and his Dark Forest Wee Devils. Wee Ninja comes in two sizes - the Big Wee Ninja at 14" tall or the Wee Ninja at 9" tall. The original character of Ninjatown, Wee Ninja is simple, amazing, and kicks Demon butt!
Item Code: DEC111665
In Shops: 2/1/2012
SRP: $29.95