From Imagination Games. Prove that you are the ultimate Top Gear fan with our fantastic Top Gear Board Game - Ultimate Car Challenge! Like a Lego man in a wind tunnel, zoom your way around the board answering trivia questions about your favorite car program. The Top Gear Board Game is fun for the whole family. There is nothing like playing a board game on a rainy day, after dinner or on a boring Sunday afternoon. A fantastic gift for motor enthusiasts, answer the most bizarre and intriguing questions and titter over Jeremy Clarkson's witticisms with the Top Gear Board Game! With trivia like: "Can you complete the official Top Gear verdict on the mighty Atom? It's Driving... a.) paradise, b.) us mad, c.) Nirvana." Ultimate Car Challenge is a great game for when you have the lads over for a few beverages. With the Cool Wall, Caravan Conkers, the Stig's Power Laps and much more, who wouldn't want to celebrate the most popular car show on TV? Scheduled to ship 11/23/11. (133)
Item Code: AUG118197
In Shops: 11/30/2011
SRP: $29.99