Publisher: KOTO INC.
  A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Coming straight out of another world-famous visual novel by Key is one of Clannad's cutest female characters, TOMOYO SAKAGAMI -SCHOOL UNIFORM-!  A violent girl who aspires to be student council president, Tomoyo is Tomoya's secret girlfriend and the main character of her own spinoff sequel, Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life.  On her way home after a busy day, the carefree schoolgirl is frozen in mid skip, her attention suddenly captured by you.  Tomoyo's tight school uniform shows off her beautiful shape, and the pleats of her skirt, form-fitting wrinkles of her sweater, and nearly knee-high white socks will drive you crazy.  Turning to look at you, she carries her school books in one delicate hand and her glasses in the other, peering out with her striking blue eyes from behind her long hair that hangs down to the bottom of her short skirt.  Tomoyo stands approximately 10 inches tall (in 1/6 scale) on a special display base that highlights her pose.

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