Publisher: YAMATO USA INC.
(A) Luis Royo
Born of ritual, inbued with the steely, cool beauty of the wolf and the ethereal magic of the fairy, Yelena enchants the hearts of kings and commoners alike, but only one man can tame her! Inspired by the work of internationally acclaimed artist Luis Royo, this astounding 1/6-scale PVC statue from a sculpt by master Shin Tanabe (Black Tinkerbell) stands atop a specially designed display base. From its dramatic pose to its lifelike features to the free flow of its garments, every turn of this meticulously crafted piece will amaze with its exceptional detail. Even more stunning is the intricate paint detail including multiple tattoos and "see-through" application to capture the translunency of her sheer garments as they cling to her supple form.
Item Code: MAY111798
In Shops: 1/18/2012
SRP: $119.99