Publisher: ASPEN MLT INC
(W) Olivia Chadha & Various (A) Talent Caldwell & Various (CA) Michael Turner
(W/A) Michael Turner
Aspen presents the most complete collection of Michael Turner's first-ever creator owned series, Fathom, with the Fathom: The Definitive Edition trade paperback! Collected inside are the rare Fathom Preview, issues #0 and #1/2, issues #1 through #9, including the special add-in pages, plus issues #10 and #11, and re-envisioned pages and excerpts from issues #12 through #14, focusing on Aspen and Cannon's ordeal with Vana. Both Fathom Swimsuit issues and more seldom seen Fathom goodies as only Michael Turner and Aspen could deliver are included.
Item Code: SEP083745
In Shops: 11/19/2008
SRP: $49.99