We warned about it for years, but now it's a reality: the zombie apocalypse is here! With reports of true-life zombie incidents all over the news, it's incumbent upon every man, woman and child to protect themselves against the spread of deadly zombie viruses. That's where the Anti-Zombie-Viral Hand Sanitizer comes in. A specially formulated gel, it is scientifically proven to re-kill 99.9% of all known (to date) zombie viruses.  In fact, we're so sure of our product's effectiveness that we'll give you your money back if anyone using this product returns from the dead and craves the flesh of the living. Each handy pocket-sized bottle contains 2 fl. oz. of anti-zombie viral sanitizer on a retail blister pack.
Item Code: SEP122035
In Shops: 1/16/2013
SRP: $4.99