Publisher: THINK GEEK
From ThinkGeek. One frequent topic of conversation at lunch with fellow geeks is how awesome it would be to have 23rd century gadgets in our 21st century world. We're not that far in the past, are we? Fewer than 200 years to go! We watch our Trek and we drool over the gadgets and gizmos and wish we could have them. Now you can have one of them with the officially licensed motion-sensitive Star Trek Door Chime! Mount one on the wall by your door and when someone crosses your threshold, it will alert you. Choose between the door opening sound effect or the Red Alert alarm. Whether it's a bloodthirsty Klingon bent on revenge or just your boss looking for a report, you'll know the moment they appear. Plus, push the button on the front for Communicator Whistle sound. Requires 3 AA batteries.
Item Code: OCT121962
In Shops: 1/9/2013