Publisher: KOTO INC.
  From Kotobukiya!  The next entries in Kotobukiya's lineup of exciting and functional chopsticks sets will put some samurai action into your meals!  First came Star Wars lightsabers, then Neon Genesis Evangelion entry plugs, animals, dinosaurs, and even Aliens.  Coming straight to your table now are four more all new sets based on the swords of historical Japanese samurai; dominate and control your food with chopsticks based on the swords of HIDEYOSHI TOYOTOMI!  Based on the bold and striking appearance of Hideyoshi's red, black, and gold colored weapon, these chopsticks also include the samurai's crest stamped into the kashiri, or pommel, of the utensils.  As a special bonus, included is a chopstick case and rest featuring Toyotomi's family crest.  Designed for eating rather than fighting, these sword-like chopsticks are 9 inches long and fully safety tested and fun for the whole family.  With the release of this set, you can complete your collection of chopsticks based on the swords of the three famous founders who united and ruled all of Japan: Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa!
Item Code: MAY131938
In Shops: 10/23/2013
SRP: $14.99