From Magnet Releasing. Collecting all three pulse-pounding Tony Jaa marital arts films for the first time ever! All three legendary Ong Bak films in one epic Blu-Ray! Ong Bak: Abandoned on the steps of a rural village temple shortly after his birth, Ting (Tony Jaa) grows up to become a master of Muay Thai and a hero to his people. Ting must sacrifice all he believes, and overcome the might of a ruthless criminal empire, to win back his village's Buddha statue. Ong Bak - The Beginning: Battling his own demons, Tien must fight to avenge the slaughter of his beloved family. Knuckle up for a bone-crunching battle between good and evil. Ong Bak 3: The mighty Tien has been captured, tortured and left for dead by the eternally cursed tyrant Lord Rajaseena. Returning from the brink of death, Tien must now transform himself into an unstoppable force of vengeance and fury; an ultimate warrior prepared to unleash a storm of bone breaking, neck snapping, skull crushing justice.
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In Shops: 9/3/2014
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