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A PREVIEWS Exclusive! For the first time, three exclusive and unique limited edition, Nelvana animation production portfolios, drawn from the Nelvana archives, are available for sale. The traditional animation process involves a multi-step process. Beginning with a pencil drawing that is then transferred to an acetate cel. The next step is to paint the reverse side of this cel in the official colors for the show. Finally this cel is placed in front of a hand painted background and photographed as a single frame of animation. Only a small portion of the pencils and cels created during the production of a show are complete and appropriate for presentation. Each item in the portfolio is unique and each portfolio is one-of-a-kind animation production art.  Each of these three portfolios contains only original animation production artwork and is limited to a strict run of 850 copies. All portfolios come with a numbered, certificate of authenticity. Animation cels and pencils are 10" x 12" in size each set in a 12 3/4" x 15" cardboard envelope. From the Tales of the Cryptkeeper, the animated spin-off from HBO's live action television Tales from the Crypt, this limited edition portfolio from the Nelvana archives contains 4 production animation drawings.
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In Shops: 10/9/2013
SRP: $40.00