Publisher: THREEZERO
From Three A Trading Company. This superb recreation of the IMC Stryder from the Titanfall video game stand approximately 20" tall and boasts incredible detail with more than 100 points of articulation, including articulated  fingers! Real pistons control wrist movement, and armor plates on the torso & legs are moveable. Stryder comes with a Plasma Railgun (with detachable ammo drum), an articulated left side multiple missile launcher and lighted features for its top, hips & afterburner (which changes color between red & blue! A fully operational hatch opens to reveal the cockpit and poseable 6" pilot IMC Close Quarter Pilot figure with detailed armor parts, weathered paint application, CAR101 and fabric clothing. Lighted features require 2 3A batteries (not included).
Item Code: JAN162670
In Shops: 2/17/2016
SRP: $430.00