From Funimation! High schooler Chihiro Furuya loves Zombies. He collects anything Zombie-related from video games and movies to manga. He's so into them, that he even wants to "kiss a zombie girl". Following the death of his pet cat, Babu, he attempts to revive it using an old manuscript, which describes the process of creating a potion for resurrection. At this time, he encounters a girl named Rea Sanka, who has run away from home. In an attempt to commit suicide, she drinks a sample of the "resurrection" potion which is created from the poisonous Hydrangea macrophylla flower. And while this fails to kill her, following an argument with her father, she accidentally falls off a cliff and dies. But now, due to the potion she drank, she has become a zombie girl, who must eat hydrangea leaves to survive... and she asks Chihiro to take responsibility for her condition. Limited Edition and Regular Combo Packs each include both Blu-Ray and DVD formats.
Item Code: AUG132526
In Shops: 9/25/2013
SRP: $64.98