Publisher: LICENSE 2 PLAY, INC
While Japan's favorite monstrous mascot Domo may like to spend his days chasing kittens and getting into wacky adventures, he also makes for a loveable and huggable plush companion with a new line of 6 1/2" tall plushes that sport a variety of different looks. Domo sports some corrective orthodontia to correct his monstrous teeth with the Braces plush. He also likes anime with the Cat Hat plush. When chasing kittens he needs to be scary so he dresses in a Dinosaur costume. Disguised as a Panda Bear, Domo might be able to get at the panda's supply of tasty bamboo! Dressed in spandex and a cape, Superhero Domo is ready to spring into action. As a Teddy Bear, Domo is surprisingly sedate. And for giggles, the squeezable Farting Domo is will gas and break wind as he finds some intestinal relief.
Item Code: SEP111638
In Shops: 11/23/2011